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Samsung Intercept to replace the Moment on Sprint?

Nilay Patel

Looks like the Moment's over for Samsung and Sprint -- check out these leaked shots of the SPH-M910 Intercept, said to be the carrier's new mid-range Android slider. Screen size is said to be the same at 3.2 inches, and the keyboard certainly looks much nicer, but we can't help but be bummed to hear this thing will launch Froyo-free with Android 2.1 -- a 2.2 update is said to be a "high probability," but it took Samsung and Sprint some seven months to update the Moment to 2.1, so we're not holding our breath. The rumored launch date is July 11, so we'll see how much of this is true around then -- for now, we're betting Samsung will be doing its best to keep us focused on Galaxy S sets like the Epic 4G.

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