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App demo: Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso


Celebrity endorsements fail to impress me, and Poker 1 on 1 with Vanessa Rousso is no different. Despite being on the teevee (as we say around these parts), all I'm looking for is her expertise in creating a great poker game for the iPhone. Well Headlight Software and Vanessa have a nice, attractive and fast poker app on their hands here. Highlights include easy access to another player via Bluetooth for head-to-head action and a cool meter for newbies that'll let you know how risky your bets are.

Another nice attribute of Poker 1 on 1 is the ability to move quickly through a hand. If you're an experienced poker player you don't need all the jibber jabber or fancy animations some apps provide. Poker 1 on 1 has animation, but it is only to recreate the feeling of being at the table, really playing poker and yet faster. Everything moves, just faster. Watch the video for the game in action. The AI is good, the graphics are good and there are unlockables. For a couple of bucks it's a good deal.

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