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Choose my Adventure: Fresh meat

Well, the time has come again for us to start on a new adventure -- only this time, our fearless leader here at Massively, Shawn, has decided to pass the next leg of the trip to me. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Krystalle, and I'll be your hapless pawn loyal servant for the next six weeks worth of Choose my Adventure mayhem! You will get to choose everything about my stay in the game, from the game itself, to my choice in character, quests, and more. Meanwhile I shall follow your directions and report back here on the experience of playing the MMO in whatever ways you've chosen for me. Is it fun? Unpleasant as a sweaty Wookiee's armpit on a hot day? What can you expect? These are the types of things I'll try to answer along the way.

As I'm also a huge fan of screenshots (ergo, in charge of One Shots every day), I'll be taking snapshots as I travel through the game and adding them to a gallery for you to enjoy as well. The camera-shy avatars out there need not apply, insofar as potential traveling companions.

But first things first -- it's the first week, and that means you have to choose the path I'll take. Join me behind the break as I unveil your choices!

While I own each of these games, some of them are more familiar to me than others. Nonetheless, I shall dig in as best I can, with the options you pick for me throughout the weeks. The game in question will determine the playstyle: Certain games are better experienced in groups, whereas others support soloing and pugging as a viable option. In either case, I'll certainly welcome anyone who would like to play alongside me. I'll additionally be setting up a special Raptr account to track my online time, as well as to give folks a chance to catch me in-game if they're around.

For now, get to voting, and we'll see where we're headed next week.

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