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Engadget HD Podcast 201 - 06.30.2010

Trent Wolbe

Now that episode 200 is out of the way we can get back to what we do best; talkin' up HD. Lots of fun stuff this week too, like Mitsubishi's gigantic 75-inch LaserVue TV, which of course kicked off additional topics like how big of a TV should you buy, and how much you spent on your HDTV. Then keeping on that bigger is better topic, we talk about how one might use the 128GB Blu-ray Disc. Then of course we talk 3D and how it is coming to Nascar -- while F1 is still in SD. Finally we talk regulations pertaining to 1394 by the FCC and about how amazing the new iPhone 4 display is to an HD snob.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh (@bjdraw), Richard Lawler (@Rjcc)

Producer: Trent Wolbe

06:57 - Mitsubishi's LaserVue HDTV makes triumphant 75-inch return, becomes 3D-ready
10:44 - Ask Engadget HD: What size HDTV should I buy?
15:48 - Poll: How much did you spend on your HDTV?
19:23 - Back to the Future's 25th Anniversary celebrated by a Blu-ray box set October 26
24:23 - 128GB BDXL Blu-ray disc specification finalized... and fabulous!
30:39 - Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House pick up Coke Zero 400 3D broadcast
41:45 - Hulu reportedly talking to CBS, Viacom about inclusion in Plus subscriber package
43:10 - Bloomberg: Hulu coming to PlayStation network 'soon'

46:56 - VidaBox adds tablet control for its Media Center PCs, iPad is first in line
50:18 - FCC waives 1394 requirement in lieu of an IP interface
58:08 - The iPhone's display blows away every other display we've ever seen


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