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Hulu Plus will be a downloadable app on PS3, require PlayStation Plus subscription?

Sean Hollister

The mathematical symbols are aligned... and they're pointing to a greater cash outlay if you want to have (a legitimate copy of) Hulu on your PlayStation 3. Technologizer recently discovered the highlighted line above in the source code for the Hulu website, and if correct, you'll need a PlayStation Plus subscription on top of your Hulu Plus one in order to stream the best brain-numbing shows from broadcast TV. While that adds up to an additional $18 for three months or $50 annually on top of your $10 monthly Hulu Plus fee, it's not like you'll get a better deal on a different game console -- Microsoft has confirmed Hulu will require Xbox Live Gold when it launches on Xbox 360 next year. Besides, this isn't like those janky Netflix Instant Streaming Discs -- further down the source code, there are hints that Hulu's developing a bona fide app for PlayStation 3. See the relevant section of the code right after the break.

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