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WoW Moviewatch: Sluggles Epic Adventure: Adventures in Random Dungeon Land


If you remember, we first talked about Sluggles Epic Adventure: Adventures in Random Dungeon Land a few weeks ago. Bloodvein Movies promised to chart his progress as he pursued his own completion of the Pocketlitx of Doomhammer Gnome Challenge. It seems like his attempts to level a gnome to 80 before BlizzCon have been going pretty well, but he's run into the same challenge as the rest of us. Specifically, he's had the challenge of dealing with other players in the random dungeon finder.

This movie is pretty funny, and I enjoyed it. I'm already a fan of Propostris, of course. I was especially impressed by the vocal work done by Priestess Rawrbug, who was both convincing as a gnome and a pleasure to listen to. Bloodvein Movies saturated his script with enough humor to support its fast-paced narrative, and I appreciate that he didn't drag this episode longer than needed. It's great work, and I'm eager to see what Sluggles finds in the future.

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