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Against All Odds -- it's the WAR Producer's Letter for June


From Mythic Entertainment to EA Mythic to Mythic Entertainment to (now) BioWare Mythic, Warhammer Online's developer has seen its fair share of name changes. Change is the theme of the June Producer's Letter, as Carrie Gouskos not only announced the new name for the merged developer, but a number of other changes for WAR as well.

The takeover of Europe's WAR operations from GOA was a significant topic. Mythic is hosting the EU side on five servers: two English, two German and one French. "We're overjoyed to welcome our European players and are looking forward to more direct interaction with them," Carrie said.

She also pointed to the future with the upcoming 1.3.6 patch, which includes a nifty feature called Against All Odds that rewards outnumbered armies with up to 400% more experience, renown and influence in RvR lakes. Other upcoming changes include armor appearance slots, tweaks to open RvR, and a forge to alter the stat bonuses of city armor. You can read the full Producer's Letter here!

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