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Breakfast Topic: How excited are you about the new Cataclysm info?


It's been a pretty busy night for us here at the world headquarters, what with the Cataclysm beta dropping, the NDA disappearing, and the new information pouring forth like boxed wine at a neighborhood fourth of July block party. There's been plenty of stuff to go over, from the new guild perks to Sylvanas' surprising plans to the newest class changes.

I find myself hoping that there's more to come in the area of death knight changes, but I'm in love with Sylvanas' open wicked evilness, and I'm tempted to roll a worgen female for the jokes and flirts alone. I'm definitely eager to see what else we can dig out of the beta in the coming weeks as we find out what's going down with the long awaited expansion.

What about you? Are you excited? Or are you underwhelmed by your class changes and annoyed by dwarven warlocks? What's your impression of the new Cataclysm information so far?

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