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Clash of the Titans Blu-ray 3D dated in Japan, packed in with Aquos 3DTVs


Ok, we're not sure that Clash of the Titans is the kind of 3D experience we'd want someone to have on their first time -- in case you've forgotten, a weak movie and a poor 2D to 3D conversion added up to a weak reception in reviews when the movie was in theaters -- but Sharp apparently thinks differently. It's promoting the movie alongside the 3D editions of its Quattron LCD HDTVs and, assuming our understanding of machine translated Japanese is correct, will be tossing in a copy gratis with purchases. At least in Japan, the 2D version of the blu-ray will be released august 25, with the 3D & 2D combo pack arriving October 6, if you've just got to have your Sam Worthington fix before Avatar is rereleased in November.

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