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It came from the Blog: Midsummer Flamefest snapshots


Last Saturday, <It came from the Blog> flamed the Eastern Kingdoms. We started at Silvermoon City, hanging out, chatting and pole dancing. We then proceeded to work our way down the continent, hitting all of the Horde flames and some of the Alliance ones. The first half of the event was an all-levels affair. Stay on the road! Protect the lowbies! But then the mid- to high-levels abandoned the lowbies at Hammerfall and we took flight paths the rest of the way,

There was a slight glitch, however. (Perfect is boring.) Robinator didn't have the flight path in the Burning Steppes. But that turned out to be a good thing. We landed in Swamp of Sorrows, rode through Darkshire and then into Lakeshire to get to the Burning Steppes. This allowed us to douse a few more Alliance fires. I should have planned it that way all along.

It was a lot of fun, as usual. This was the first time I had streamed an event, and I liked it. I'll continue to do that from now on. Stay tuned for the pics from the Server Maintenance Party. And I'll let you know what this month's event will be as soon as I know.

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