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Latest Runes of Magic patch brings new pets, mounts, and a new instance

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Today's Runes of Magic patch brought lots of exciting additions to the game. The servers came down for about five hours early this morning to add patch 3.0.2, and when they returned, things had changed in Taborea.

Warnorken Castle is the new six-man instance, and while it's sure to provide a challenge to players, the Runes of Magic team didn't stop there. The much-anticipated pet system is now active as well, allowing you to train a pet as your companion and assist you in battle. Finally, two-seated mounts are now available! You can choose from four different mounts.

The usual round of smaller changes and bug fixes came in as well, so check out the patch notes, then log into Runes of Magic to see things for yourself.

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