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Medal of Honor beta to be extended for Xbox 360 players


Patience is a virtue, and nobody knows that better than the Xbox 360 owners waiting to experience the Medal of Honor beta. "Unfortunately, we have experienced a delay with the beta on the Xbox 360," said executive producer Greg Goodrich in a recent press release. "To the Xbox 360 community, we say thank you for your patience. We are working to fix the issues that have caused this delay."

EA said that it will extend the beta period to compensate for the Xbox 360's late addition to the program, though it's still unclear just when all the technical difficulties are expected to be resolved. Those who pre-order the game -- the only way to gain access to the beta on Xbox 360 -- will apparently have "ample time to play and provide feedback."

Medal of Honor deploys to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 12.

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