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Mytheon gets EU publisher, shows off new screens and video

With the US launch of Mytheon slated to hit its official launch date of July 13th, and the lawsuit seeming to be a thing of the past, the teams behind Mytheon have been working on trying to send this upcoming free-to-play fantasy MMO across the pond. Well, today we've gotten news that Gamigo will be picking up the overseas publishing while UTV True Games handles the North American servers. Yes indeed -- those across the pond who were waiting to see if they'd have an option to check out Petroglyph's MMO based on various bits of world mythology will get a chance to play as well.

To add to this news, they've also released a video and a bundle of new screenshots for people who may not have seen the polish put on Mytheon as it nears launch. EU players can register for the closed beta on the Gamigo site, whereas US players should head over to the UTV True Games site to get in on the action. Meanwhile, as those clients are downloading, don't forget to check behind the break for the video, or click through the gallery below for all the new eye-candy.

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