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Score yourself a World of Tanks closed beta key here! [Updated]


You know what time it is? It's tank time, the best time of the day! How could any other time beat tank time? Answer: it can't.

With the weekend rapidly approaching, you're going to have some free time on your hands -- free time that you should turn into tank time. Lucky for you, we've scored 3,000 World of Tanks closed beta keys, so you can make all of your weekend time into tank time.

The closed beta keys, and the corresponding instructions on how to redeem said closed beta keys, are lurking just beyond the break. So hit that continue-reading button and don't disappoint me, soldier!

[Update -- the closed beta doesn't begin until July 8th. You can claim your beta key now, and enter it into the registration site, and even download the client, but it won't be operational until July 8th.]

How do I shot tank?

If you've left your head in the sand for a while, let's get you up to speed on World of Tanks. You and up to 49 of your friends can all battle it out in a simulator/arcade-style tank game, where everyone gets control of his/her own personal tank. Casual play will find you loading into matches and working with objectives, while the more persistent "clan warfare" aspect will let clans control pieces of Europe for benefits.

The game has some aspects of a tank simulation, but it's quite loose and easy for anyone to pick up and play. So, at this point, what are you waiting for? If you're waiting for more information, you should head on over and check our our E3 coverage of the game, or the trailer below. If you're waiting for the link to get yourself a key, then look no further! Once you have your key in hand, jump on over to the World of Tanks registration site and get ready to tank it up!

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