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World of Tanks trailer roasts EVE

Jef Reahard

Game developers who can laugh at themselves are a lot of fun, but game developers who laugh at other games are a veritable barrel of monkeys. Enter, the team behind the upcoming World of Tanks MMO. Their newest trailer, simply titled World of Tanks Teaser #3, spends the majority of its minute-and-a-half running time taking pot-shots at CCP's EVE Online.

The trailer, sporting a decidely tongue-in-cheek style, shows the months of work ostensibly necessary to upgrade your EVE-like spaceship, all of which goes to pot in seconds as it enters combat for the first time.

While unorthodox game marketing campaigns are nothing new (remember Global Agenda's No Elves?), it is rare to see a firm directly reference a competitor. Check out the new World of Tanks teaser after the cut or on YouTube.

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