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WoW Moviewatch: Knock you down


Knock you down is a fun, short video by Iryzia. According to the song's YouTube page, the creator was having a slow day, encountered the song. It seems Iryzia found Keri Hilson's voice quite enchanting, and was motivated to create this video to feature it. That is, after all, the essential essence of a music video.

Iryzia does still seem to prefer blood elves, but given the genre of the video, I think that's understandable. The video is pretty short and straightforward, so I don't think many people will have much time to get bored. The music video action is pretty standard stuff, though. You have some singers dancing and various camera shots lovingly framing the belf emotes. It's probably not going to rock the machinima world, but I found Knock you down to be pretty satisfying for a music short.

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