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Cryptic Studios launches a sale and a new ship for holiday weekend

Eliot Lefebvre

It's the 4th of July weekend for most people in the United States -- a chance to reflect soberly on the past of the country, or at least claim to do so whilst setting off fireworks and grilling hamburgers. Cryptic Studios is also hoping that it's time to put in a little more playtime, as they're having another sale in the Star Trek Online and Champions Online C-Stores to coincide with the holiday. Up through 10 AM PST on July 6th, all full costume sets and all existing ship variants are 20% off.

A new addition has also been brought into the in-game store for Star Trek Online (although not listed at the time of this writing on the official page) -- the upgraded Galaxy-class ship from the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Dubbed the Galaxy-X following popular fan convention, the ship functions as a brand-new Tier 5 Cruiser with the option to equip Dual Cannons, as well as the ship's unique Phaser Lance. The lance can hit multiple enemies and deal high amounts of damage, but unlike most weapons in the game it has to be manually aimed via turning the ship. Although Cryptic has yet to recover from the last controversy with added items to the C-Store, the sale will hopefully ease at least a few hurt feelings.

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