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WoW Moviewatch: Not All Roleplay is Serious - Episode 3: 1N 3D


Nixxiom and Erunno have a series of hilarious shorts called Not All Roleplay is Serious. They're pretty awesome, and you can usually find them over at Myndflame. One of my favorites, though, is Not All Roleplay is Serious - Episode 3: 1N 3D. It's a very short video, clocking in at a minute and ten seconds.

I've missed out on most of the 3D craze hitting mainstream movies. The glasses just give me a horrible headache. So while all of you folks are out rocking to Avatar in eye-popping 3D, I wait for it come out in DVD. So I was totally cheering for Nixxiom and Erunno when the deer paused, looked to the screen, and told us to pop on our glasses now. (This does mean I don't know if that 3D method worked.)

Keep an eye out for further NARIS episodes. It's great stuff, and Nixxiom and Erunno are two of the best machinimators out there. You can't go wrong.

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