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Cataclysm Beta: New level up UI video


One of my favorite user interface changes in Cataclysm are the new level up features. A huge complaint over WoW's lifetime has been that players must go back to a trainer to see if they had learned any new skills or ranks of skills, or check a website such as WoWhead to find out their skills. Not anymore!

We previously gave you a peek at the new changes to the level up notifications. The new level up interface announces bold and clear your level, and then gives a list above your character of the new skills, talent points and other relevant information. Since skill ranks are gone, you won't have to worry about training those over your leveling experience, and new abilities will come more spaced out.

Take a look at the video we have captured for you guys, and marvel at how a nice, neat, new UI change can make all the difference in the leveling game. Notice how the game now alerts you to your new level, abilities gained at that level, features unlocked like battlegrounds and your new talent points. Cataclysm is really shaping up to be an awesome expansion, and adding even more polish to an already smooth experience.

If you're looking for more content like the video above, has an ever-growing YouTube channel with lots of great content from Cataclysm and more! Subscribe for all of the latest videos. It's getting exciting around here with tons of information about the new expansion all over the place, and we don't want you to miss a minute of it!

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