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The Daily Grind: Great achievements

Here in the States we're celebrating one of the great achievements in our nation's history -- the adoption of our Declaration of Independence! However, as we're a site that spans more than just the shores of one nation, we thought today we'd take the time instead to talk about achievements in the MMOs we all know and love. From leveling in World of Warcraft, to managing to level without dying in Lord of the Rings Online, to clicking on your own avatar 5,000,000 times in Warhammer Online, people really seem to enjoy chasing those little badges that say "I came, I saw, I did something!"

Today, in honor of great achievements everywhere, we thought we'd talk about MMO achievements. Whether it's the more formalized ones that come with banners or Facebook status updates, or just a personal milestone you managed to accomplish after a long period of planning and working at it, there are many things to celebrate. So jump down to the comments below and tell us -- what is your greatest MMO achievement?

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