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BlackBerry Curve 9300 gets FCC approval? (update: or just an AWS version of the 8500 series?)

Chris Ziegler

Like many companies, RIM generally does a superb job of concealing model numbers of unannounced devices when it files for FCC certification -- but given what we know of Waterloo's product pipeline, we think it's safe to take a stab at what we're looking at here. In all likelihood, this is the upcoming Curve 9300, evidenced by the general shape of the rear and... well, the obvious "Curve" label up top. This particular unit appears to have triband CDMA including AWS, meaning we could definitely see it launch on some of the AWS-packing regionals like MetroPCS. Physically, it's a step up from the 8500 series below it -- but by all appearances, it's not a major redesign. How about that 9800, RIM?

Update: Wireless Goodness points out that this could simply be an AWS CDMA version of the 8500 series, since we haven't seen such a version launch yet on the regionals. Seems plausible -- but either way, the 8500 and 9300 seem like awfully similar devices.

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