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Engadget's Photoshops: a retrospective

Tim Stevens

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Sometimes a story has everything you need: intrigue, romance, drama, and a bit of tech news mixed in for good measure. Sometimes, though, a post needs a bit more -- something visual to catch the eye or tie it all together. When that's the case we turn to our favorite image editors and get to chopping, slicing and dicing corporate logos, adding a little spin, and maybe throwing Russell Crowe in for good measure. Want some highlights? Come on through for a look.

CEOs gone wild (aka Ballmer's Best)
We love a good corporate executive tirade, and few do it better than Microsoft's Steve Ballmer. No surprise, then, that he'd have a starring role in many of these corporate chops, but he's far from the only one. We've had some fun with Steve Jobs when he told investors to "hang in there," and even Google's Andy Rubin has been on the receiving end of a little photo trickery.

Gallery: Executive chops | 11 Photos

Trademark tweaks

There's nothing like a little logo tweak to get your point across, whether it's an unexpected delivery method for the MacBook Air, the ever-popular one logo eating another motif, or having a lot of fun with Google's Android logo. (An awful, awful lot of fun.) However, few images have said so much with so little as poor 'ol Sadmoto, unfortunately one of our most-used images.

Gallery: Trademark chops | 33 Photos

The subtle chops, and the non-chops

Sometimes a dose of subtlety is what's called for, and if you don't look closely in these modified pics you might miss what was added, like Julius Genachowski stealing from the rich, the discovery of a section of the brain that controls combo breakers, the QUE proReader hand model getting a bit tired, or a few Walmart shoppers stopping by for the Microsoft Store opening.

Gallery: Subtle chops | 11 Photos

And, sometimes we don't change a thing, like in these curious images that were used without a single modification being made -- at least not by us.

Gallery: Non-chops | 4 Photos

HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray

Few topics were more fertile for Photoshoppery than the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray battle. We all know how that one ended, but it was sure fun while it lasted.

Gallery: HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray chops | 7 Photos

Culture chops

Yeah, we watch TV. And movies. And play videogames. In fact we all did rather too much of all three of those three things when we were younger, so it's no surprise that these cultural relics appear from time to time in our creative imagery, whether it's the Polymer Vision Readius rising from its grave (before being promptly sent back to it), a retired T-800 getting some work at Heathrow, or FoMoCo taking us back to 1984.

Gallery: Culture chops | 21 Photos

Too many to list

The fact is, there are too many great custom images for us to try to categorize or to highlight. Every day more are hand-crafted for your browsing enjoyment, spicing up posts like a dash of freshly cracked pepper, each one tastier than the last. We leave you with a selection of other images to peruse, with the hopes that you've enjoyed this look back at some of our highlights and look forward to the next round... coming soon to a post near you.

Gallery: More chops | 39 Photos

Gallery: Bonus! Even more chops! | 94 Photos

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