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It came from the Blog: Server Maintenance Party snapshots


Previous to last Tuesday night, the most people showing up for an <It came from the Blog> event was about 250 (estimated), and usually no more than 100 showed up. I have no idea how many people showed up to the Server Maintenance Party, but it was in the hundreds. Multiple hundreds. Lots and lots of people showed up to steal the Alliance fires. Soooo many. You raid leaders think it's hard to herd 25 cats? Try several hundred. I'm still a bit in shock.

Also, as you can see/hear above, I streamed the event. I like Ustream for streaming, but there is an audio delay in my ear that is a bit bothersome. This is why it sounds like I'm having a stroke at the beginning. I'm not. I just hadn't gotten into the swing of ignoring the delay yet. My brain is fine. Mostly. It also only recorded the first 20 minutes. Boo!

Some event highlights and a gallery are after the break.

Some notes from the event:

  • Croxy, Lissandra, Samultz and Subversa are all awesome and helped me with security. Thank you so much!
  • Over 90% of those who came were well behaved people who were just there to have fun. Yay!
  • Following directions is hard.
  • Spammers are icky.
  • In preparation for the event, it seems our guildies overran the DK starting area.
  • I hear that Durotar was also packed.
  • While waiting for the event to begin, the newly minted DKs did battlegrounds. And there was much achievement spam.
  • No servers were harmed or crashed in the holding of this event. I assume the doomsayers were disappointed. /smallestviolin
  • We met in Splintertree Post. In my attempts to get to higher ground so that people could put a raid icon on me, I discovered a mob of people had me on follow. A mob of mounted people. Therefore, I was hard to find during most of the event. Except when lying dead while trying to escape Exodar.
  • We ran to Astranaar. There was pole dancing.
  • We ran to Auberdine. There was pole dancing. There were a few deaths. I hear a handful of people slew every NPC in town. That wasn't according to my orders, but to be expected when on a rampage. Sorry to anyone questing there, but we left rather quickly.
  • We went to the Exodar. It was a bloodbath. The Alliance were expecting us. The son of someone in our raid decided to take out his rebellion from his parents on us. There were many deaths. I res-jumped from the fire to the docks. I told stories. It was fun but took a long time.
  • We went to Darnassus. It was pretty easy. We went back to Auberdine and then went to Stormwind.
  • On a PvE server, if you are not flagged, you become instantly flagged when entering a capital city. So we were all flagged after we zoned, and Alliance on the boat killed many of us.
  • I thought we had crashed the server when my corpse run was interrupted by a suspicious res and then being frozen. It turns out that I was just being resed as the boat was zoning. The only way to escape the death glitch was to spirit res. At this point, many people were able to steal the flame, but I was done in. I called the raid.
  • Several people continued to get the Ironforge flame. A couple ragequit before they could join them. (Perhaps they should be reading Drama Mamas. /shameless plug)
  • Many funsuckers were gkicked over the course of the event. Some nonfunsuckers were accidentally gkicked during the course of the event. With hundreds of people, it is hard not to make mistakes. Any nonfunsuckers are welcome to rejoin the guild and come with us on future events.
  • The event lasted over two hours. I am still exhausted. And exhilarated.
We have at least one event a month in <It came from the Blog> and that will continue. I have an idea for this month which some may consider insane. Muhahahahaha!

Look! Snapshots!

/runs away cackling

Gallery: It came from the Blog: Server Maintenance Party | 14 Photos

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