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Multitouch keyboard swiped from Droid X, hacked and color-matched for EVO 4G

Chris Ziegler

One of the most compelling features of Motorola's upcoming Droid X for Verizon is the multitouch capability of the keyboard, which in theory means you can do things like press shift and a letter at the same time; in practice, it means that you can belt out a message faster. Needless to say, owners of other Android devices want it, and xda-developers members have obliged as usual, even stopping along the way to change the Droid X's red accents to green to better suit the EVO 4G's UI color palette. Once the APK is installed (you'll have to sideload it, naturally), it looks like you'll be able to select and use it just as you would any other input method on the phone. Score one for platform flexibility, and score another for hackers.

[Thanks, Chris]

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