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APB's Human Avatar brings character customization to real life

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you've played APB at all, you know that one of its standout features is the character customization. You could easily treat character customization as a game in itself. The only thing that would make it more fun is if you could do it in real life, right?

Okay, you probably weren't thinking that, but the Realtime Worlds team is, and they're going to make it happen with your help. The Human Avatar is a three-week-long project that begins with players voting on the real-life subject, then continuing the process by voting on his customization: hair, piercings, clothing, even tattoos.

You'll watch the event happen through photo and video updates, and at the end, the subject will be recreated in APB. it's an interesting concept and will certainly merit watching in the coming weeks. Check out all the details -- and get a first look at the candidates for customization -- at the Human Avatar site.

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