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Metareview: Crackdown 2


Crackdown 2 left us with the feeling we were missing something -- like, an entire sequel's worth of content. It appears we weren't alone for the most part. Then again, if you've got AOO (agility orb obsession), you'll be too busy to care. Chase down the review orb links below for the full content:
  • Eurogamer (80/100): "Besides, they're offset by everything that Ruffian gets right: the masterful way the developers have turned simple neighbourhoods into set-pieces; the moments where nightfall triggers neon signage that reveals a hidden pathway up the side of a skyscraper; the way in which a chain of seemingly random Agility Orbs picks out a perfect racing line of superhero bounds from one chimney to the next and off into the horizon."
  • IGN (75/100): "The new additions, specifically the expansion to four-player co-op, are welcome, but this hardly feels like it was worth the three-year wait. It's mostly just more of the same, in the same city, with the same shortcomings and a slightly expanded set of missions. Crackdown 2 feels uninspired and rushed, and it certainly doesn't feel like a full sequel."
  • Game Informer (73/100): "Yes, the fights with gang leaders got old after a while in the first game, but they instilled a sense of progress. Without them, you're just jumping around ruined versions of the same old places, tracking down nearly 1,000 orbs, and working through the same pair of "kill 'em all" story missions until the credits roll. Crackdown is still ripe for an ambitious sequel, but this Crackdown 2 thing clearly isn't it. What a squandered opportunity."
  • 1UP (B-): "There's no question that Crackdown 2 is a mere shadow of the first game, which stands as an absolute classic. The sequel feels more like an ambitious user mod than a true follow-up."
  • Giant Bomb (3/5) "There's a narrow subset of people that will absolutely love Crackdown 2 for it's "it ain't broke, so we didn't fix it" approach to sequel development. ... If you're in that group or if you're just looking for something absolutely mindless to do with a few online friends, Crackdown 2 is practically perfect for that."

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