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Twitter for BlackBerry shakes the beta label

Chris Ziegler

Though RIM's official Twitter client for BlackBerry devices has been slinking around in public beta form for a solid three months now, we understand -- not everyone is okay using software that's rough around the edges. And if anything, that probably applies more to BlackBerry users, many of whom are using their devices to do... you know, really important work-related things. On that note, you might be excited to learn that the company's official Twitter client has gone gold, meaning it's theoretically less likely to crash than any version that's come before it, which means you can go about your high-productivity business without fear that your secret addiction to social networking will bring your Bold 9700 crashing down in a spectacular ball of flame and molten circuitry. Not to say the beta was prone to do that, of course, but you can be extra sure of it now. If you're interested, looks like you should be able to find it in App World right away.

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