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Alan Wake original score available at retail, digitally on July 20

While you probably know about Alan Wake by now (we liked it a lot), and you probably know about the game's unconventional soundtrack, full of licensed tracks from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to David Bowie, you may be less familiar with the game's original score by Finnish composer Petri Alanko. In short, it's not what you'd expect from a "psychological action thriller." Instead, you'll find something far more "romantic," Alanko says; a wistful arrangement with piano and strings that's a little more light than dark.

If you enjoyed Mr. Alanko's work and – especially if you didn't get the Collector's Edition whose soundtrack disc contained five tracks from the score – you'll be pleased to learn that Sumthing Else Music is releasing the full original score on July 20, featuring 18 tracks of orchestral music. You can pre-order the CD on Amazon now or, if you prefer the digital route, wait until the 20th and hit up or iTunes.

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