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Apple looking to hire iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist


Just days prior to the App Store fraud story, Apple posted a job listing for an "iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist." The winning candidate will join "...a small but high impact team of specialists whose goal is to improve the iTunes Experience by mitigating the risk associated with iTunes Orders."

Earlier this week, it was discovered that a developer called Thuat Nguyen had his book apps removed from the App Store after taking 42 of the top 50 sales slots. At the same time, some users reported unauthorized charges on their accounts.

Considering that there are 150 million iTunes users, there will be, statistically, some who aren't there just to buy music and apps. Apple has reported that only 400 accounts were affected by the scam (that's 0.0003% of all customers) which is better than it could have been. Hopefully, the iTunes Fraud Prevention Team will but the smack down on these guys once and for all.

[Via 9to5 Mac]

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