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Coming up at 5 PM ET: the post-vacation episode of TUAW TV Live


When you've been at sea for three weeks with incredibly slow Internet service, coming back to the land of broadband seems like a drink of vodka water to a thirsty man. On today's episode of TUAW TV Live, your host Steve Sande has a lot of things in store for the audience. After all, he was out of town for 10.6.4 as well as the debut of the iPhone 4.

On today's show, expect Steve to share some videos (no, not of vacation...), demo some apps, and otherwise jump right back into the swing of things. There may even be a giveaway! And of course Steve will have to do a classic unboxing video for the iPhone 4 that just showed up.

TUAW TV Live comes to you at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) today, and all you need to do to watch is show up here at slightly before the start of the show. The show features live video and a chat room, so it's relatively easy to get Steve to respond to your commentary.

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