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EyePet PSP and Invizimals may not support PSP Go in North America


The upcoming camera-enabled launches of EyePet and Invizimals in North America may not be available to PSP Go owners at all. PlayStation.Blog's Sid Shuman accurately admits that the upcoming PSP camera was "designed for pre-Go models only," and the "current camera will only fit onto the larger PSP model."

Shuman suggests there are "no workarounds," suggesting he has forgotten about the rarely-seen PSP Go "converter cable," introduced at Tokyo Game Show last year. Whether or not the attachment will ever find a Stateside release is still up in the air. "We don't have any information yet on a peripheral attachment for the Go," a Sony rep told us, neither confirming nor denying the possibility. Of course, should SCEA choose not to ship the cables, there's another solution: importing from Japan.

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