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Level-5 CEO hints at North American releases for Ni no Kuni, Inazuma Eleven


Level-5 fans have a lot to look forward to. Akihiro Hino, president of Level-5, confirmed to Nintendo Power that some of its original non-Layton games would be coming Stateside, specifically Inazuma Eleven and Ni no Kuni: The Another World. It appears the company is already making good on its promise to promote its "overseas business."

The soccer-themed Inazuma Eleven franchise has been a surprise hit in Japan, having already spawned two sequels on the DS (with a new console version in the works). And while Ni no Kuni isn't a proven franchise yet, it has already generated quite a bit of buzz -- particularly the graphically-intense PS3 version. Although Hino doesn't offer specifics about a release date for either project, he does say that "I don't think it will that be long before you're able to play these games." Unfortunately, we don't think he means they'll be here "tomorrow."

The full interview with Akihiro Hino can be found in Nintendo Power #157, available now.

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