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Appsgiving Day is this Saturday, July 10th


I like this idea -- the folks behind a new under-development app called iWishApp (that's designed to create a wishlist of iPhone apps) have decided to declare this Saturday, July 10th, as "Appsgiving Day." Basically, you go into iTunes on Saturday, the anniversary of the App Store's debut, and choose to "Gift This App" on an app you like to someone special. Not only can you support quality developers (like the ones we highlight here on TUAW every day), but you can give a nice cheap gift to an iPhone or iPad owner of your choice.

OK, sure, it's basically a completely made-up commercial holiday, and the whole point of the thing is to sell some apps -- you may have already spent more money on your iPhone than you want to admit. But there are a lot of great developers working hard on the iPhone, and why not spend a buck or two and make someone else happy with a great app, right? Seems like a good way to celebrate the platform that's come so far.

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