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Dragon Age 2 revealed on Game Informer cover, praise Andraste!

Dragon Age 2 is happening. Then again, we already knew that; the first game was called "Origins." The Game Informer cover doesn't reveal much, but here's what we're able to glean from its meager frame: The game is called Dragon Age 2, it features a new champion (what about importing Sneakblayde, our elf rogue?), a different part of the world (see ya, Ferelden!) and it's "breathtaking."

We're not sure what's breathtaking here, but if the game looks anything like the art style on the cover, we're going to imagine that's what GI's talking about. Remember, Greg Zeschuk told us they were working to make the Dragon Age engine look, in his words, "visually super hot." Is this what BioWare was teasing for February 1, 2011? With a 10-page cover story, it sounds like BioWare and EA are ready to talk about this thing, so we're guessing in the affirmative. Watch that mailbox (or F5 Joystiq) to learn more.

Update 9:35am: That didn't take long! BioWare just uncorked the Dragon Age 2 page and, with it, some new details. First, we've got a description of the game that has you gathering allies (the deadliest of them, no less!), amassing fame and fortune, and beginning your "Rise to Power." Yeah, we're getting a Fable 3 vibe also.

The "key features" include a decade-long story, the aforementioned "rise to power," some much-needed "dynamic new combat mechanics," not only "updated graphics" but also a "new visual style," all combining for an "entirely new cinematic experience." We've got some concept art for you below

Oh, and pre-orders start today, but that hasn't stopped GameStop from putting up a date. Yeah, they're saying February 1, 2011.

Update 1:03pm: Not so fast, the official press release has a date of "March 2011."

Update 6:35pm: We finally heard back from EA, who said that the February 1, 2011 date "is referring to a special date for Dragon Age fans." We're not sure what that means, but it does mean something besides Dragon Age 2.

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