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First full-face transplant completed in France: tear ducts, eyelids, and all


While the idea of transplanting an entire face from a corpse -- including the eyelids, tear ducts, and mouth -- might seem, well, gross, you probably don't suffer from a face deforming genetic disorder. For the 35-year-old patient "Jerome," it's a technical miracle. The successful operation, carried out by Laurent Lantieri, is a claimed world's first and was completed just a few weeks ago at the Creteil Henri-Mondor hospital outside of Paris. According to local newspaper reports, the patient, who had been waiting two years for the surgery, gave an enthusiastic "thumbs up" when he first saw his new face in the mirror. Naturally, the operation also reconnects nerves and blood vessels using a microscope -- in fact, the patient's beard has even started to grow in. God complex, deserved, Dr. Lantieri.

P.S. That image above is not from the surgery. We said it was performed France, not Brazil.

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