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Home Theater Review does its thing with U-Verse, comes away jaded

Ben Drawbaugh

Reviewing service providers can be logistically impossible and this is especially true with a provider like AT&T's U-Verse because of its relatively small footprint. But if you've been waiting for U-Verse to become available in your area, you might want to read Home Theater Review's impressions. We used the word jaded in the heading, but that is putting it nicely. On top of the poor installation job and crazy restrictions -- like only being able to watch 2 HD channels at a time for the whole house -- the reviewer had reliability problems and didn't have anything nice to say about the picture quality. Ok, well there we go being too nice again, in reality we couldn't decide which quote we found the most entertaining. While "U-verse is about as bad as I've seen in a long while" puts it bluntly, "via U-verse you'd swear they [Discovery] filmed their programming with a store bought Flip camera" is better, but our favorite is "it appears as if they're catching red Legos and piloting through rough seas comprised of wet chunks of sand." So read though for all the gory details, but unless you are glutton for punishment, it seems that U-Verse should be avoided at all costs.

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