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Shanghai Apple Store is a stunner


Now that Apple has held a pre-opening of Shanghai's first Apple Store (China's second) for the press, we can finally get a look inside. Shanghaiist has published a great article about the store, complete with a large photo gallery. Here are some incredible facts about this new location:

  • The cylinder (40 feet high) contains the largest curved glass panels in the world
  • There are more hands-on gadgets to play with than any other Apple Store (but no iPads or iPhone 4s yet)
  • It's one of the largest Apple Stores
  • It's got one of the largest Genius Bars
Once you're inside, the design and layout is similar to other Apple Stores. TUAW reader Lawrence Sheed was also invited to the pre-opening and has posted a huge gallery of photos. He adds that the managers and staff were "overwhelmingly positive" and knew their stuff.

Congratulations to Apple on what looks like an incredible store. If you attend the opening this weekend, let us know!

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