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Vextini interactive ad campaign: no thanks, we don't need to see what's behind there

Laura June

It's hard to say what the worst aspect of what we're seeing is here: the tired, generic, Sex and the City-style group of girls who love martinis that make up this ad campaign, or the campaign's pitchman who seems to genuinely believe that pre-mixed martinis will sell better because of a cheesy, "interactive" ad. The idea here, of course, is that you see the above shot in a magazine, then hit up Vextini's website, and use the QR code to watch a full video of the hilarious events unfold. Vextini? Sure, it vexes us plenty. Enough to make us want to drink in fact... so what flavors does this come in again? Hit up the source for the pitch video: believe us, it's worthwhile.

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