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Deluxe Reverse Geocache is reusable, really awesome


You're familiar with geocaching, right? One person hides a "cache" somewhere in the world and hands out the coordinates; the first person to locate it via GPS wins. How about the "reverse geocache"? This one is a little more difficult to get together: you have to design a box of some sort that contains the necessary hardware to enable it to be opened only at a certain GPS coordinate. You hand the dude your box, and they traipse around the woods until they get to the right spot and the box opens. Well, the operator of the website has developed a little something called the "Deluxe Reverse Geocache," a locked, electronically enhanced Pelican case that unlike other reverse geocaches, is designed to be reprogrammed and reused after completing its journey. But that's not all! It also gives the user hints regarding the desired location, along with a limited number of attempts to solve the puzzle -- after which the player is downgraded to one attempt per hour. Want to play? Hit the source link for all the details. Happy hunting!

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