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Phat Loot Phriday: Best. Bracers. Ever.


"Little elf," Throgg asked. "What do you think of these?" Throgg held his massive forearms aloft, showing them off to his diminuitive companion.

"Wow," Lolegolas said. His face lit up in an eager smile. "Those are awesome. What are they?"

"They are," Throgg said with a steady cadence, "The Best. Bracers. Ever."

"I can believe it!" Lolegolas replied. He shuffled his shoulder so that a flowing cascade of hair rippled over his shoulder like homespun gold. "What are they called?"

"The Best. Bracers. Ever."

"But ... the name, Throgg." Lolegolas's face grew a little dark as he frowned. "I need the name. Otherwise, I'll never be able to look them up on a reputable website like, and find out how to get them for my-elf."

"They are the Best. Bracers. Ever. Me not know how to tell you no more than that! Best. Bracers. Ever. come from Cataclysm!"

"You make my head hurt, you know that, right?" Lolegolas asked.

"That would make that the Best. Headache. Ever!"

Name Best. Bracers. Ever.
Type Bracers
Armor 20

  • 1 Stamina
How to get it It's a quest item in Cataclysm. You must involve yourself with the Biggest Egg Ever.
How to get rid of it It sells for 34 copper. Not sure on the disenchants yet.

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