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The official, official SWTOR game testing announcement


You've heard the rumors, you've seen the forum posts, but now it's official. Star Wars: The Old Republic has started game testing. SWTOR's Community Manager Sean Dahlberg made the announcement for this week's Fan Friday feature. Dahlberg expressed the developer's purpose in game testing in a post made on the official SWTOR forums: "Being able to have the community help us test The Old Republic is very important and valuable to the development process. The Game Testing Program allows community members to give us quality feedback so we can make adjustments and have a highly effective service and entertaining experience when we do launch."

The announcement briefly explains that testing phases will be conducted, in small focused groups from North America, then later expanding to other areas. Sorry, Aussies and Euros, you will have to wait. If you are selected, an email will come to the address you entered in your profile. Although we have not heard it from an official source, we have been told by others who are currently testing that just because you were chosen to be a part of one testing group does not mean you will be a part of the next testing group. So jump on that email as soon as you get it.

If for some silly reason you have yet to sign up for testing, hop over to now and do it right away!

[Minor Update: Bioware is calling these sessions Game Testing not beta testing. We have updated the article to reflect that.]

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