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Exclusive: Motorola WX445 leaked, offers low-end Android for Verizon

Chris Ziegler

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So this little number just rolled into our tips inbox -- and at a glance, it appears to be the anti-Droid X, if that makes any sense. We're being told this is the Motorola WX445 for Verizon (street name unknown), featuring Android 2.1, a flash-less camera of unknown pixel count, a touchscreen ranging somewhere between 2.5 and 3 inches, and a pretty light 1170mAh battery on board. Our tipster tells us it runs Blur, though we imagine it's possible it runs the Blur-esque skin seen on the Droid X that doesn't actually make use of Moto's back end to do its deed. We're also told it's "not a very impressive phone" and resembles a keyboardless Pre Plus in the flesh "but cheaper looking," so needless to say, you're not going to be cross-shopping this against an EVO 4G; if anything, we suppose it might make a decent Devour alternative. More on this one as we get it.

[Thanks, Besiktas Fan]

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