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Looking for a new yacht? Sunseeker app can help your search


Is that little 50' motor yacht of yours just not making your heart beat with joy any more? Do you need a new yacht on which to stretch your legs and get away from the paparazzi? Does it just bother you that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has a bigger yacht than you do (see photo above of his "boat" in Copenhagen)?

No need to worry! Just pull out your iPhone or iPad and install the new free Sunseeker Brokerage app -- it's free! -- and you'll have access to details about the entire line of new Sunseeker Motor Yachts, as well as over 200 pre-owned luxury yachts. The new boats section includes vessels from 48 feet in length to 170 feet, along with plenty of interior and exterior images and specifications. You can find your nearest Sunseeker office from the app, then fly your Gulfstream G550 to that location to finalize your customizations and sign the paperwork.

Of course, with the state of the economy being the way it is, you might have to tighten your belt and look at pre-owned vessels like that €18 million Leopard 46 Metre that is languishing at anchor off of Cannes. The Sunseeker Brokerage app lets you email questions about each yacht you're interested in, or email specs to your buddies. You can browse all of the vessels you're interested in while you're offline; the app can save info for any boats that meet your requirements.

Me? I think I'm going to hold out for that ISA 133 series -- it's a steal at only €10,800,000.

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