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SOE takes you behind the scenes at Fan Faire

Jef Reahard

Ever wondered what it was like to throw a huge party like Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire? The official EverQuest II website takes you behind the scenes at Fan Faire 2010 via a new article that features SOE Events Team member Dawn Wilson. Members of the Events Team talk about everything from live quest planning, to logistics, to the rewards of a small team putting on a large event.

"Because this is 100% an SOE venture I most enjoy the pride we get when we see how happy everyone is with our hard work. We are a small department and at times it is hard to think how we will get everything done for the summer events. When we are there and it looks amazing and everyone is having a great time, it is the best feeling," Wilson says.

Read all about it on the official EQII website.

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