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The Daily Blues


Each day will take you through all the blue posts and other Blizzard news from around the internet. From Ghostcrawler's latest posts to the lowdown on StarCraft II and Diablo III, we'll keep you informed.

Hey we're back. It's like Ghostbusters 2, without the pink goo.

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Ghostcrawler -- Pet scaling

We can't even get an answer as to whether our pets will scale to our stats for equal gear scaling with other classes... this simple question has been asked and ignored for far too long.

The plan is for your pets to scale 100% with your stats. In fact, group buffs don't even work on pets any longer so that they don't double dip from those buffs.

If you look at the warlock trees, there are tons of talents that buff Corruption and add range and crit damage and whatever. A couple of those per tree are okay but clearly we need to remove a lot of them and that means adding new talents, which unfortunately is slow.

Ghostcrawler -- Warlock's Harvest Soul

They've already explicitly stated their design intent is for Warlocks to (ideally) only need 3 shards per encounter.

It's their intent to be that way. If it wasn't, you could use them in combat. It's not poor design, it's different design.

They want it to be like bloodlust. You use it at the right time, not all the time.

Yes, this is the design. Outside of combat (which means between encounters, not when you can get out of combat for 2 sec in an Arena), you can get the shards back quickly from killing things or using Harvest Soul if there is nothing conveniently around to kill. We don't want Harvest Soul to be super convenient. It's your backup option.

If we find that it's super frustrating as a lock in a long encounter (including a long Arena match), then we'll look at ways to get shards back in combat. However our prediction is as soon as we do that, locks will start blowing their shards on cooldown and then getting frustrated at a slow Aspect of the Viper-like mechanic to get them back.


Bashiok -- Interesting stats on the Real ID thread
Some interesting epic-thread stats:

Almost 50k posts, with those posts being made by a little over 13k accounts.
Most posts made in a single hour reached 1,800.
It was locked just shy of the 50k mark by Bashiok, who is just the worst and lives in his mom's basement.

Bashiok -- My role in the Real ID situation
I'm not sure if it's kosher at this point but I think I have the right, and I would like to state that at no time were any personal attacks made on me related or allowed to be interpreted as a mark against using real names on the forums. They were literally for nothing, and I ensured that was the case at every step. It wasn't too difficult.

Obviously the position on use of real names on the forums was reversed, for good reason, and that was based on a lot of factors taken in from the actual feedback received.

I say these things for one, because I want there to be no sense of accomplishment that any one "got to me" or by attempting to make an example did anything but act like a jerk and go against basic principles of attempting to lead a good and decent life, of which I strive for every day. And secondly, because I am just too hot to handle and too cold to hold. What What!? Peace!

Lylirra -- Next beta wave possibly early next week
While we do not have a precise ETA to provide at this time, we do expect to send out another wave of beta invites as soon as early next week. :)

Vaneras -- EU community news
Community News
Vaneras, Slorkuz & Wryxian 09/07/2010


WoW Serbia have put up a group of articles reviewing some Cataclysm zones and instances such as:
Abyssal Maw
and the Skywall. have been busy making videos of Cataclysm:
Stormwind City Tour
Orgrimmar Tour
Sunshaft Effect
and the Worgen Starting Zone: level 1 - 5. have an article about the new talent specs system in Cataclysm. have compiled a lot of information on Cataclysm!

Lastly, also have a lot of information up on Cataclysm with the Worgen and Goblin Racials
information on capitol cities like Darnassus and Undercity
some updated maps, and much more!

Many more updates can be found on our fansites, so be sure to check them out if you do not want to miss out on anything.

World of ComicCraft:

Those undead will keep this place safe!

Nice to see such friendly faces!

They were just lying there with a bunch of bones!

I can't believe these constant delays!

Ah, there she is!

Let's get that helmet off!

The ace times...

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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