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ArcheAge closed beta announced

Jef Reahard

We'll forgive you if you haven't yet heard of ArcheAge, an in-development MMORPG from XLGames. You probably have heard of lead developer Jake Song, though, or at the very least, you've probably played one of his games. The native South Korean is the brains behind the original Lineage, and he worked with Richard Garriott on Tabula Rasa. Also while at NCsoft, Song lent his talents to the conceptualization and creation of an MMORPG called Lineage Forever, which subsequently morphed into Aion.

These days, Song's XLGames is busily putting the CryENGINE 2 through its paces to bring you ArcheAge, and it is gearing up for the game's first closed beta test. The testing, scheduled for late July, looks to gather player feedback on some of the title's more unique features including destructible architecture.

Unfortunately, you'll need to speak Korean (and probably know someone on the inside) to get an invite, but stay with Massively for more on this new game as it develops.

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