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Facebook's 'Panic Button' gives Britons a way out of unsavory conversations

Darren Murph

Caving to pressures from just about everyone after a 17-year old gal was lured to her death by a 33-year old male posing as someone far younger on Facebook, the famed social networking site has just enabled a new "Panic Button" to be installed for those logging in from across the pond. The app, which is an opt-in service, was created by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center, and Facebook is now recommending that users under the age of 18 install it. If pressed, users will be put in contact with the aforementioned organization in order to report abuse, and potential predators will hopefully be turned off by notifications that the user they're about to initiate a conversation with is currently using ClickCEOP. Not exactly the type of panic remover found in H2G2, but it's certainly a lovely start.

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