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APB to overhaul driving and combat

Jef Reahard

"We're looking at almost every aspect of combat - how it looks, feels and sounds, as well as weapon characteristics and tactics," proclaims Realtime Worlds spokesman Neil Castle in a refreshingly frank post on All Points Bulletin's official website.

The post certainly says all the right things regarding upcoming tweaks to the newly released urban crime MMOFPS. Whether Realtime Worlds can make good on the lengthy list of updates and reverse some of the negative buzz generated by less than favorable launch reviews will bear watching over the next few months.

Castle's post touches on a number of complaints that various reviewers and gamers have had with the new title, from sloppy vehicle handling, to catching and punishing cheaters, to the addition of new rulesets and matchmaking functionality. "It's our goal to involve the community as much as is practical when tackling most of these areas - as we''ve said all along, and hopefully demonstrated throughout beta, RTW's goal is to grow APB into the game that its players want it to be," Castle says.

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