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Expansion brings new PvP battle systems to Archlord

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Archlord fans can expect a new expansion in the coming weeks, and it will bring some new PvP content to the game. Episode 5: The Grand Cross will bring a new system called The Battle Ground to Archlord.

The Battle Ground will bring race-vs.-race PvP to the game in a massive battle held every Thursday and Saturday. Players will join an army of their race, infiltrate the enemy base, and seek to kill the enemy players and heroes.

Winners will gain not only bragging rights, but a special race spirit ability which will make all members of that race army stronger. Players will also earn Charisma points for kills in battle, which can be used as currency at the Charisma Gate.

Keep an eye on the Archlord site for all the details on The Grand Cross, and check out our gallery for a first look at the expansion.

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