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Yakuza PSP trailer features new art and fighting styles


Sega's latest trailer for Black Panther: New Yakuza Chapter reveals something that may come as a shock to longtime Yakuza fans: this one's actually a bit different! Sure, you're still punching people in the streets of Kamurocho, but there's new stuff to be seen.

Immediately noticeable in the trailer is the art style of the cutscenes, which is reminiscent of the motion-comic style of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and, in fact, animated by Spooky Graphic, who also worked on that game. In this game, young Tatsuya accidentally kills a Yakuza and, to save himself, makes a deal to fight in an underground tournament. According to Andriasang's summary of the events in the trailer, each chapter of the game will end with one of these fights.

In actual battles, Tatsuya can be trained (leveled up) in ten different fighting styles, providing some variety to the game's frequent brawls. In addition, the new combat system, called "high tension," apparently no longer uses life bars. Check Andriasang for more details about the contents of the trailer, as well as new screens.

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